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16.09.2018 18:58

    With his airs Lucas Cordalis shocked at "Global Gladiators". How does that happen at home with Daniela Katzenberger? Photo: Getty Images

What are the sounds? At the ProSieben show "Global Gladiators" (Thursday, 8.15 pm) Germany is just witnessing how the tame tomcat Lucas Cordalis (51) becomes a snappy wild tiger: A macho saying follows the next one! How it arrives at his wife Daniela (31), she reveals in the "Closer" interview …

Lucas Cordalis: shock confession! The nerves are blank!

Actually, one knows Lucas as a resting counterpart to the lively, talkative Daniela. On Facebook, he likes to present himself at the housework, while puppetry with daughter Sophia and in the middle of the pink cat everyday. Lucas Cordalis lets out the macho But woe, you let the Stubenkater off the leash. Because in Thailand, in "Global Gladiators", it is suddenly Lucas, who makes the announcements: As a team captain, he suddenly shows himself from a completely different side. Tasting? "Women usually just chatter on it. For men, it's all a bit more substantial, "Lucas says. And in dealing with his fellow-candidates, he is not squeamish. "Miriam, eat something," he nips model Miriam Höller (31). When she asks why, he replies: "Because I say that!" Sabia Boulahrouz (40) also gets her fat away: "She has to spit something, the good ones." Sayings like these cause trouble. Maybe that's why in the first nomination round several candidates would like Lucas' show-off. Daniela Katzenberger explains his behavior In "Closer" Daniela defends her husband: "He is guaranteed no macho!" But she has to admit: "Of course he has with me such a typical thoroughbred-wife at home … I know that I have many female stereotypes Fill in: make-up, glitter, pink, talk to him full. "

Daniela Katzenberger & Lucas Cordalis: Does this blonde ruin her marriage?

So it's no wonder that Lucas has a specific image of women. She explains herself in a different way to the tight handling of his co-candidates: "It is simply important to him that everyone is well. He knows that from home. He always makes sure that his girls are doing well. "These included clear announcements – with a small difference:" At home, he knows exactly who the boss is. "





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