Daniella Álvarez surprises again: now vallenato sings – Entertainment – Culture

After leaving the Cardioinfantil Clinic in Bogotá, where she was held for almost two months, former Colombian Miss Daniella Álvarez recovers at home, a long journey that includes a prosthesis for her left leg, which was amputated at the height of the knee.

In this process, Álvarez and his family have shown signs of courage. The former queen is the first to always have a great attitude, very beautiful, thanking her for being alive and affirming that he will dance again champeta, the rhythm that he likes the most.

In this process, Álvarez has even sung and is seen performing a piece of the song. I want to see you smile, of Carlos Vives. The video appeared on the Instagram account @Trapitoscalientes.

The Unicef ​​ambassador, who after handing over the crown of Miss Colombia in 2012, dedicated herself to the presentation, modeling and advancing a specialization in her career in social communication, continues to be a benchmark for her followers on the networks, who have not stopped supporting her.

Due to a small tumor that appeared in her abdomen, Daniella Álvarez had to undergo surgery. The tumor was very close to the aorta and this artery was affected, which prevented a good blood supply to its lower extremities. Although several interventions were made, the problem was not solved and on June 13, the amputation of part of her left leg was performed.

Álvarez recently reported that his right leg was also affected and to walk, with the help of a walker, he should wear a prosthesis in this limb in a tennis shoe with a good base, in order to take steps.



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