Daniil Medvedev may not be allowed into Australia due to refusal to be vaccinated against coronavirus

The Australian Open will take place from January 17 to 30, 2022, and there is now an active discussion on under what conditions tennis players will be allowed to participate due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As the tournament approaches, the rhetoric becomes more and more harsh: if some time ago, the authorities considered the option of a two-week quarantine for the unvaccinated, now the Prime Minister of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, spoke quite definitely: “I want to inform every citizen of Victoria that my government will not make concessions to unvaccinated players. I don’t think it’s right to ask people in the stands and tournament workers to get vaccinated when tennis players don’t. “

Daniil Medvedev, Russia, Australian Open-2021

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Australian Open

AO will not indulge the unvaccinated, including Novak


The tennis world is discussing that giving up the vaccine could cost Novak Djokovic a record 21 Slam, but he’s not the only one under attack. The Serb’s rival in the last two hard finals of the majors, Daniil Medvedev, has repeatedly stated that he wants to play in Australia. But on the issue of vaccination, he was inclined to support Novak’s position, although he spoke extremely sparingly about his own status, especially in the fall. Here are his words on the eve of the Kremlin Cup:

“I liked what Novak said about this. He said it was a personal matter and he would not be making it public. And I also decided not to disclose medical things. As for Australia: there everyone will see who is vaccinated and who is not. Of course, the players can say that they are injured, but this will be a play on words. I want to play in Australia, that’s all I can say. “

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At the beginning of the year, Medvedev was more specific, referring to medical problems with vaccines, stretching from childhood, as stated at one of the press conferences:

“Speaking specifically about me, I don’t think that I will be vaccinated – for my medical reasons, for children, related specifically to vaccines. But it is not known what the rules will be in different countries in connection with tournaments, how serious the requirement will be. Naturally, I believe that this should be everyone’s choice. “

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Whether something has changed since February is known only to Daniel. But since he emphasized in October that he was ready to serve a two-week quarantine in Australia, there is a good chance that everything will remain the same. There is still time for decision-making, but for now the question of whether Medvedev will take part in the Australian Open remains open.
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