Danilo Hondo convicted of doping

The Disciplinary Chamber of Swiss Sports (DK) has imposed a 96-month ban on former German cyclist Danilo Hondo and sentenced him to pay a fine.

In May 2019, Danilo Hondo made a public confession to doping in an interview with the German broadcaster ARD. The former German professional cyclist with a Swiss license testified as a witness in the criminal proceedings as part of “Operation Aderlass” before the criminal court in Munich and explained his doping offenses. He showed the form in which doping was carried out and the systems behind it. At the same time, Hondo admitted to using blood doping from late 2011 to early 2013. After the criminal investigations, Swiss Sport Integrity applied for the opening of disciplinary proceedings at the Disciplinary Chamber of Swiss Sports (DK) in accordance with the provisions of the Swiss Olympic doping statute.

As part of the extensive investigations, Danilo Hondo made an extensive confession and disclosed information and also confirmed the alleged doping activities to Swiss Sport Integrity. The former professional cyclist was therefore sentenced by the DK to a 96-month ban from all sports and all sports functions worldwide from September 9, 2019. Due to the full confession and the extensive cooperation, the DK suspended the ban for 66 months.

The convicted person must also pay the procedural costs and party compensation to Swiss Sport Integrity totaling CHF 12,500. The decision is not yet final.

Swiss Sport Integrity reminds all athletes that a suspension of the doping ban under the “Leniency Notice” is possible if information is provided to provide significant support to an anti-doping organization or law enforcement agency.