Danjuma stays at Villarreal

Although West Ham have tried actively and passively, nothing at all and that is that Arnaut Danjuma has no intention of leaving Villarreal.

The player appreciates the offer from the English club, but he is not convinced to play in the Premier or David Moyes, so his bet is clear, to continue under Emery’s orders for at least one more year.

This represents a major upheaval for the Castellón club, which although grateful for having the striker, also needed to enter a significant sum with his sale to continue strengthening itself. Now it will be time to look for other solutions. Emery for his part, celebrates the continuity of the attacker although with serenity since the market is very long.

With West Ham ruled out, Newcastle’s plans remain to be seen, another of the teams willing to pay their clause. Recall that the footballer finished last season with 16 goals and 4 assists.