Danske Bank talked about what could cause the euro / dollar to leave the range of 1.12-1.16


Jannbel: one

harlowbutler: Aragorn (19:42), set that Zenith will pass.

yse: 19:47 yse: harlowbutler (19:28),
1. "on a large scale" everything is smeared, because the threshold is low. even a legitimate premium (scary) can be considered as illegal enrichment.
2. when you need to assign a scapegoat, not your own (from the security forces of the Sich, bone, chemezov) to pass.
3. these are non-systemic people, they cant stand up on trifles, but they donโ€™t know the rules of kickbacks-cuts (boyatsa, they donโ€™t want a marazza) and zero sense to them from the pool.
4 I may be mistaken in personalities, but not in the principles of operation of this system.

endm: the rate increase for the EU has been postponed forever ๐Ÿ™‚

Jannbel: yse (19:48), read the recollections of the commandant of the SS in Warsaw, as this kid received a secret prize for his zeal.

rosinca: https://tass.ru/interviews/6135836
interview with that horseradish

rosinca: – Have you ever played forex yourself?
– Not. For me, this is impossible – I believe that the level of risk that forex clubs offer is incomparable with potential income. Statistics show that no matter what kind of foresight you have, and no matter how you understand the financial market, your account will be reset. Probably, someone leaves, having earned a little, but the majority lose money.

the key word "play" and not work

harlowbutler: yse (19:48), everything is difficult, as for me. and to develop this topic is somehow not interesting, Movchan's article does not impress.

rosinca: how can people who have never dealt with TA and FA, so to argue and do they have the right to regulate this market and "qualify" those who have devoted years to this?

Jannbel: rosinca (19:56), better look at the press conference on news 24 … the deputy chairman of the Central Bank hung for about 30 minutes … and was afraid of forex.

Jannbel: rosinca (20:00), you are a real gamer for them …

yse: Jannbel (19:54), read the repentance of the Ulyukayev. It's enough. I hope in their footsteps and send these cling. let these fasteners quickly bring to Turkmenesuela, maybe then the Putriots will open their eyes.

Jannbel: rosinca (19:58), but the guy said this to the central bank

Timofey Alum: rosinca (20:00), rosinca (19:58), this is Russia and its system of negative selection! ๐Ÿ™‚ The country is ruled by absolute insignificance – supply offices, waiters, florists, cons, and gymnasts! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jannbel: yse (20:03), the Fuhrer debauchery say so with the German punctuality was … we have something to aspire. Here is the same Bashmet so that his daughter otmazatsya set off for all that was grave, after the fire where 8 people died, does not get off the TV screen …

rosinca: mda … along the way, I'm starting to explore other ways to make money)) just in case

Jannbel: Timofey Alum (20:05), and everyone has their own skeleton in the closet … and "little" pranks. Here Gubera motorcade brought down a chela to death on the highway, a corpse under the bridge was thrown out, an amazing three-room townhouse was given at once in another driver, and the governor himself was convicted only for bribes.

yse: harlowbutler (19:58), it's hard to get through … until the cock pecked.
and the thought hangs in the air, can anyone more easily express it.
no saltykov-generous, leskovye.


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