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Danzig mayor dies of injuries

At an event in the Polish port city, an attacker had attacked the politician Pawel Adamowicz. Now he died of his injuries in the hospital.

Danzig's mayor, Pawel Adamowicz, succumbed to his injuries following the knife attack. This was announced by the Polish Minister of Health on Monday. "Despite all our efforts, we have not been able to save him," said a doctor, according to the news agency PAP.

The politician had been attacked on Sunday at a charity event on the open stage with a knife. Behind the act a revenge reaction was suspected. The offender is said to have called during the attack that he was innocently detained, it was said, citing eyewitnesses. The 27-year-old Danziger, who had reportedly been serving more than five years in prison for bank robberies, was arrested. On Monday, the prosecutor wants to hear him. Polish politicians condemned the act.

Adamowicz at a party event in April 2018. (Source: AP / dpa)Adamowicz at a party event in April 2018. (Source: AP / dpa)

Adamowicz belonged until 2015 to the current opposition party B├╝rgerplattform PO. According to the Warsaw Interior Ministry, the politician had initially been reanimated after the attack. He then came to the hospital and underwent surgery.

The attacker had stormed the stage in the final of a nationwide fundraiser and attacked Adamowicz. The alleged perpetrators have the civic platform PO blamed for his detention, reported the agency PAP, citing video footage of the act on Sunday.

"Act of Barbarism" – Poland is shaken

On recordings disseminated in Polish media, it could be seen that the attacker remained on stage after the fact and triumphed until he was overwhelmed by security personnel. "He was happy," said an eyewitness TVN24. The man is not long after his prison sentence at large, media reported, citing investigators. The Pole is said to have come with a media accreditation close to the stage of the fundraising gala at which Adamowicz had given a speech.

The act during a well-known charity event of the organization WOSP shook all Poland. The annual event will raise money for equipping children's hospitals. The attack on the life and health of Adamowicz must be condemned in the strongest terms, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki had written on Twitter. Interior Minister Joachim Brudzinski had spoken of an "act of barbarism".



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