Darmstadt: 13-year-old asked to hand over money and headphones with a knife

(Iconic image: Harrison Kugler on Unsplash)

For the progress of investigations related to a robbery on Wednesday (21st) yesterday, the officers are looking for eyewitnesses to the incident.

According to initial findings, a 17-year-old man from Darmstadt, together with his two 13- and 18-year-old accomplices from Fürth, had been up to mischief in the Landgraf-Philipps-Anlage in the afternoon. The trio is said to have forced a 13-year-old from Groß-Gerau to hand over money and Airpods between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. They also destroyed his mobile phone and slightly injured his face.

The trio then fled with the loot. In the course of the immediately initiated manhunt, clues quickly emerged as to the identities of the suspects, who will now have to face criminal charges on suspicion of aggravated robbery.

On the order of the Darmstadt public prosecutor, the apartment of the 17-year-old from Darmstadt was searched that same evening. The officers seized parts of the stolen property and the suspected clothing. Commissariat 35 in Darmstadt is entrusted with the case and has taken over the further investigations. These are currently ongoing.

Witnesses who were able to observe the crime and how it happened in the Landgraf-Philipps-Anlage or who can provide other relevant information in this context are asked to contact the Darmstadt Kripo (phone number 06151/9690).

(Text: PM Police South Hesse)