Data chaos causes confusion about corona deaths

On Saturday, the authorities reported 7,151 new corona infections. Surprising: Austria had 89 fewer corona deaths overnight.

On Saturday were after “Today”-Information 7.151 Corona new infectionsreported in the past 24 hours. However, Austria had 89 fewer corona deaths overnight. The reason for the data chaos: According to the Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES), this is a “correction of the number of deaths that affects the beginning of the pandemic”.

The week opened on Monday after a five-digit increase in virus cases with almost 7,000 new corona infections. On Tuesday there were around 9,000 cases again – a lot, but on Tuesday the previous week the country still had well over 12,000 new virus cases. On Wednesday were after “Today”-Information 13,048 new corona cases reported, on Thursday there were a total of 9,596, on Friday 7,490. So now 7,151.

New corona variant causes concern

With Omicron and its numerous sublines, the coronavirus has lost its terror for most of the population. Although the currently dominant sub-variant BA.5 is highly contagious, the severity of the course decreases. Now, however, the experts are sounding the alarm again: With XBB, a recombinant from two omicron lines is currently on the rise, which has replaced BA.5 in some countries within a very short time.

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