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Data migration to a new Mac is definitely free at the Apple Store

Apple has put a definitive end to an unusual practice in its shops. Since April 2, Apple Store specialists no longer have to charge $ 99 to cover the cost of migrating data when buying a new Mac, or after repairing a machine. The operation is now completely free.

This service was part of the program One to One, which for 99 €, allowed to learn more about his freshly purchased Mac; this service, which also offered personal trainings of half an hour or an hour, integrated the transfer of data from an old machine. This formula was definitively stopped in September 2015.

In practice, it was very rare for a Mac buyer wishing to migrate his data on his new machine to be charged € 99 for this operation. The service has become de facto free late 2016 with the arrival of MacBook Pro equipped only USB-C: customers did not necessarily have the adapter that goes well, told us a source in the Apple Store.

Update – Attention, we are told that the free migration fees only apply to the United States at the moment, and that it is only a test.



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