Dates of the series “confrontation” Ramadan 2018


The Gulf drama competition this year is very strong. The artist Hussein Al Mansour, Shajoon and a group of Gulf stars enter the competition in the series “The Confrontation” this year Ramadan 1439 AH / 2018.
The date of the series of confrontation – Ramadan 2018
The series is broadcast on the following channels Saudi Arabia (+3 GMT)
The confrontation on Sama Dubai
Showdown on MBC Drama
Team confrontation series
The series starring: Hussein Al-Mansour – Shajun – Yacoub Abdullah – Fahad Basem – Mohammed Alaoui – Noor Ghandour – Sabreen Bourshid – Gharar – Zainab Ghazi – Bihana – Saoud Bushehri – Hamad Ashkani.

Author (s): Mohamed Al-Kandari
Production: Technical group.
Director: Hussein Al-Halabi.
Summary of the idea and story series confrontation
A social romantic work, his story revolves around a group of personalities who have to face certain problems together, and includes social conflicts on more than one axis, and the extent of the impact of these conflicts on youth and his decisions and vision of his life and existence, and discusses a number of social issues, including gathom, Through the character of the girl (s) who suffer from this disease.
Source: Dates of the series “confrontation” Ramadan 2018
Source: Egyptian Stars

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