Daughter-in-law “hacked” her mother-in-law’s iCloud, stole 469 million to spend

Information from the Hanoi Police said that the Ba Dinh District Police had criminally detained the subject Truong Van Anh (born in 1989; permanently residing in Bach Dang, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi) to investigate the behavior of using using telecommunications networks or electronic means to commit acts of appropriation of property.

Previously, on February 9, 2023, Ba Dinh District Police received a report from Ms. Y about the loss of her bank account more than 469 million VND. During the investigation, the Criminal Police Team of Ba Dinh District Police discovered that Truong Van Anh (Mrs. Y’s daughter-in-law) was the suspect who carried out the act of appropriating property subject was arrested.

Subject Truong Van Anh. (Photo: Hanoi Police)

At the police station, Van Anh confessed to taking advantage of the loopholes and not taking precautions of her mother-in-law when performing the acts money transfer transaction, the subject has remembered the login password. After that, Van Anh used her phone to log in to her iCloud account, Ms. Y’s bank account and made a transaction to transfer money to another account to buy and exchange USD.

After that, Van Anh went to the transaction location to get $19,800. This money was brought home by Van Anh and hid it, waited for a while and then sold it gradually to get money to spend.

Currently, Ba Dinh District Police are consolidating records and handling subjects in accordance with the law.

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