Daughter of Pablo Casellas will be his third custodian

The daughter of Pablo Casellas, María José Casellas Paredes, will be her father’s third custodian, determined Judge Marta Rosario Santana of the Bayamón Court of First Instance.

Resolution on the third custodian of Pablo Casellas by El Nuevo Día on Scribd

In July, the judge reserved the decision after hearing the arguments of the defense attorney, Harry Padilla, and the prosecutor Janet Parra.

Casellas Toro, 55, was sentenced in 2014 to 109 years in prison following a conviction verdict that resulted in 11-1. However, under the ruling of the United States Supreme Court, which stipulated that convictions in serious cases would have to be unanimous, the Court of Appeals ordered a new judicial process against the convict on May 27.

The judge indicated that she understands that Casellas Paredes, 23, meets the requirements to be her father’s third custodian.

“Despite the alleged circumstances surrounding the death of her mother, Mrs. Carmen Paredes, her daughter, Mrs. Maria José Casellas Paredes, expressed having great emotional ties with her father. From the testimony of Mrs. Maria Casellas it does not appear that she feels rejection against her father or that she considers herself a victim of the crime. In conclusion, we understand that there are no elements that establish that Mrs. Maria José Casellas Paredes is a victim of crime “, read the resolution.


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