Daughter Tanja Jess is disappointed with well-known parents because of transition

Alice and her mother Tanja candidly tell about her transition in the magazine. In that conversation, Alice reveals that she “would have liked it better” if her parents had not been known. Now that this is the case, she cannot hide her transition. Yet her mother believes that this situation also offers opportunities: “You now have a lot of followers on Instagram. (…) We also do this conversation to support the community. To give transgender people and their parents a face, to help normalize.”

Alice sees it differently: “But I would never have done that otherwise. There is nothing special about me. I am the child of two famous people, but I have never achieved or done anything special myself.” For that reason, she says it feels ‘unfair’ for people to see her as an example.

The fact that she will be seen as a ‘trans woman’ in the Netherlands for ‘eternity’ does not mean that Alice will no longer feel good anywhere in the world. Now that she has a girlfriend in England, that seems like a good place to be too. “If I move to England that will be solved, yes. Besides: most people my age don’t even know who my parents are. They have GTST of The Voice never seen.”

About other well-known Dutch transgender women such as Nikkie de Jager and Loiza Lamers, Alice says: “They are also trans people, but that is the only thing I have in common with them. Furthermore, we have a different body, a different life, a different history. I have great respect for people who want to be a role model, but I prefer to live my life as a woman, which is not possible if I keep committing myself to emancipation actions.”

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