Dave Roelvink and girlfriend Jazzlyn make a big decision

Ever since Dave Roelvink in girlfriend Jazzlyn became parents of son Dean, they regularly share photos of the little sprout on Instagram. However, in the most recent snap, Dave has placed a blue heart over Dean’s face, causing a lot of confusion in the comments. Father Dries Roelvink explains how it is.


On Mother’s Day, Dave Roelvink put his great love in the spotlight with a beautiful photo of Jazzlyn and son Dean. But where Dave previously depicted his son’s face, he now places a blue heart in front of it. “Why don’t you suddenly see your child’s face on screen?” it sounds plenty in the comments below the photo.

On Show news Dries Roelvink informs you that his son and Jazzlyn have indeed chosen to portray Dean unrecognizable from now on. “He says: ‘I think he should decide later whether he wants to become a famous face’”, explains Dries. “Now he [Dean, red.] develops a little more and gets a slightly more recognizable face, they have chosen not to show him anymore,” he says about the decision of Dave and Jazzlyn.

Out of the spotlight

Dave himself, together with his brother Donny been in the spotlight all his life. “They were already in the picture when they were a few hours old, I think. Everything about us has always been on TV,” Dries says. “Maybe that’s why he now thinks himself: I’m not going to do that with my son. And I respect that.”

Source: Show news | Image: BrunoPress, Instagram