David Foenkinos: "We can save ourselves, calm down by culture and beauty"

David Foenkinos: "We can save ourselves, calm down by culture and beauty"

Like the character of his new novel titled Towards beauty David Foenkinos “needs the appeasement of museums”. This is why he made an appointment with Nikos Aliagas at 11, avenue du Président Wilson, in the 16th arrondissement, at the Museum of Modern Art of the city of Paris to start the show In stroll with . “To be in the middle of the beauty”. The cultural establishment contains among others The woman with blue eyes , a painting by the painter Amedeo Modigliani, which is at the heart of the author’s latest novel. The main character, Antoine Duris, is a professor at the Beaux-Arts in Lyon who “decides to leave everything overnight to become a warden of a museum.I understand quickly enough that he has gone through something painful. To recompose, he feels the need to sit in the middle of the works, “says the writer. The author describes his last novel as “quite personal, being in the middle of works, of timelessness, of beauty, it is something that calms me, which I need, which scar certain uncertainties”, adds David Foenkinos. Words changed his life when he was sick at the age of 16. “I had heart surgery.” At the time, he who did not read, began to devour the books. “That’s why my theme is personal: you can save yourself, calm down with culture, beauty, artistic intelligence.” “Very happy to have readers in my lifetime”. His character also wonders about post-mortem success. “I do not have any thoughts about posterity,” says the writer. “I am already very happy to have readers in my lifetime.” Since the test of his operation as a teenager, he says he has “an energy of life that focuses on pleasure, the everyday, the desire to enjoy the present moment.” Friend with Jean-Paul Rouve. After the museum, novelist and animator go to the Place de Clichy. “This is the neighborhood of my favorite director, François Truffaut, I love going to the scene of his films,” says the novelist, always in search of artistic universe, before reaching the threshold of one of his favorite restaurants, Chez Meng, to find his brother Stéphane and the actor Jean-Paul Rouve, who works on the adaptation of one of his previous works, Memories .

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