David Guetta pays them a vibrant tribute on Instagram

In the aftermath of the separation of Daft Punk, the emotion is still alive among their fans. Anonymous and stars pay tribute to them on social networks since the publication of their video Epilogue, announcing the end of the legendary duo.

On Instagram, David Guetta, great name of the French electro scene, wished to salute the talent and genius of Daft Punk with a memory of 1997. At that time, David Guetta had invited Daft Punk for a show in Ibiza. “1997, when I invited you to Ibiza, I myself distributed the flyers on the beaches while listening to Around the World (…) people did not yet know Daft Punk, but everyone knew their music “, starts David Guetta in his message posted on February 23.

Other than you i had never had any idols in my life i am not ashamed to say i was a fan and I feel privileged to have seen you grow from the start (…) Every time I create an album, Daft Punk are my reference “, continues the DJ, inviting his subscribers to (re) listen Homework, Daft Punk’s first album released in 1997.

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