David Lynch’s Favorite Books

    Although he is known worldwide for his facet as a filmmaker, David Lynch is much more than that. His expressionist painter’s quiff hints at the many other sticks the jewelry director likes to play like lost highway, blue velvet, Mulholland Drive o Twin Peaks: painting, sculpture, music, interior design, advertising, comic strips, weather information, transcendental meditation, concept bars… and also books. Lynch has written catch the goldfish, a volume published in 2006 on how meditation can be transferred to art, and signed several photography books. But what do you read? Well, as you can imagine, pastry romantic comedy novels, precisely, no.

    David Lynch, born in Montana in 1946, is a lover of everything that has to do with the fantastic genre, but also with deep psychological explorations. But this multidisciplinary artist is also interested in Russian literature, dissertations on art, photobooks with surreal and suggestive images and, of course, the world of cinema. Specifically, the biographies of golden Hollywood directors. That is what can be found among David Lynch’s list of five favorite books.

    How do we know which books David Lynch likes the most? Very easy. You remember that, among the many creative concerns of the filmmaker, we have counted the concept bars, right? Well, that interest in the art of gambling dens materialized a few years ago in Silencio, the private club that Lynch opened in Paris for “creative communities.” Director of The elephant Manin collaboration with professional Raphaël Navot, designed the bar—located in the historic Parisian neighborhood of Montmartre—as a long travelling walkable that allows patrons to discover different spaces: a hidden dark room, a smoking room, a gilded corridor with mirrors, a corner lined with red velvet, an exhibition room and, finally, a library. As with the music, the furniture or the wine on the menu, David Lynch also carefully chose the contents of his bookshelves, selecting five books especially valued by him for his exhibition in the Silencio library.

    And that’s how we got to David Lynch’s favorite books.

    Film director David Lynch chooses his five favorite books