Davis Koch is one of the fittest among penguins

Penguins at the medical check
Striker Davis Koch is one of the fittest

The 24-year-old German-American, who last stormed in Ingolstadt, talks about his ancestors and reveals what he’s up to in Krefeld, how ice hockey is played in the DEL 2 and what football jerseys he has.

The players of the Krefeld Pinguine are completing the medical examinations prescribed by the league this week at the Helios – St. Josefs-Hospital in Uerdingen. team doctor dr. Martin Wazinski, who has been working for the penguins for over 30 years, and his colleagues in the sports clinic carry out all the examinations that are relevant to the athletes.

After the examinations, the team doctor drew a positive conclusion about the results and about the new team: “I saw a number of new faces, including many young, positive players. But for me it’s also nice to see that some of Krefeld’s own children have returned to the penguins. The fitness level is good and not very different from that in the DEL.”

One of these young positive players is Davis Koch. The 24-year-old German-Canadian climbed onto the bicycle ergometer straight from the plane. The striker only arrived in Krefeld on Monday evening. He had boarded the plane from his Canadian hometown of Vancouver and traveled to Munich. From there, after a five-hour stay, we continued to Düsseldorf. Koch, who played for Ingolstadt in the DEL last season, hardly showed any signs of jet lag. “He was one of the fittest today,” Sister Yvonne Guzik remarked as Koch got off his bike.

The young attacker initially came to Krefeld alone, his parents want to visit him in Krefeld during the course of the season. When asked about his German passport, Koch says: “My grandparents are from Germany. My grandmother even from Düsseldorf. They both emigrated independently, first on the East Coast and only getting to know each other on the West Coast.”

Ice hockey wasn’t born to him. “My father played football and so did I when I was a little boy. But I soon switched to ice hockey,” says the 183 centimeters long and 77 kilograms heavy attacker, who sees himself as an all-rounder: “It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s a center or a winger; The main thing is that the team is successful.” And he wants to be successful with the penguins: “Our goal must be to get promoted. With a hall like this and with great fans, there can’t be any other goal. Every player who signs a contract in Krefeld must have this goal.” Koch, who mostly played in the third or fourth line of attack in Ingolstadt, wants to play in the first or second line of attack in Krefeld. “That was also one of the reasons for my move. Maybe the coach will form a Canadian attacking line as well.”

Koch played 30 games in the DEL for Ingolstadt and scored four goals. He also knows the DEL 2 from his time in Heilbronn and Landshut. “In Heilbronn I played with Mike Fischer. Good hockey is played in both leagues. Due to the many Canadians in the DEL, the style of play is a little more Canadian there. In DEL 2 the game is played a little slower and you have more puck possession. But there are a lot of good young players in this league.”

Koch only spoke a little about the penguins with Daniel Pietta in Ingolstadt: “We talked about the league and also about football, of course about Borussia Dortmund.” Koch himself saw Bayern Munich play last year and also owns a jersey Bayern and the German national team.