DAX aktuell: US labor market data and the Ukraine conflict

DAX outlook: US labor market data and Ukraine conflict in focus

With an annual plus of around 16 percent, DAX investors can look back on the stock market year 2022 with satisfaction. In Frankfurt am Main, trading closed at 2 p.m. on Thursday.

In the coming week, investors should look particularly at the US labor market data and the Ukraine conflict.

Overall, a satisfactory year has come to an end for DAX investors. With a price increase of 16 percent, investors can pat each other on the back. The US leading index Dow Jones is up around 12 percent, the broad S&P 500 climbs a good 13 hundredths and the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 rises by over 28 percent.

The central topics such as the rampant coronavirus pandemic, US monetary policy and inflation are likely to remain burning topics in the coming year.

US labor market data in focus for the coming week

Fresh figures on non-farm payrolls can welcome investors in a week. With 400,000 new jobs, the expectation is almost twice as many as in the previous month. The US Federal Reserve (Fed) pays special attention to the data in order to assess economic developments.

The weekly initial jobless claims had already surprised on Thursday and provided positive momentum in the US markets.

Conflict in Ukraine could escalate

The Ukraine conflict could worsen in the new year. US President Joe Biden recently telephoned Russian President Vladimir Putin and warned against military interference in Ukraine. It is said that appropriate consequences will be drawn in the event of an attack. The Ukraine conflict acts as a geopolitical uncertainty factor for the stock exchanges. As a rule, however, geopolitical exchanges have short legs.


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