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Dax searches for orientation – Wirecard is again favorite share in the Dax

DusseldorfThe recovery from yesterday's Monday is today no continuation. After the Dax ended Tuesday almost one percent higher, he noted in the midday trading on today's Tuesday 0.3 Proznet higher at 12186 points. The MDax of mid-sized stocks rises 0.2 percent to 25,664.

So the exchanges remain caught between hope and fear. Stock prices are on the one hand burdened, on the other hand supported. Washington's easy relaxation signals yesterday are followed by news that the US could block out other Chinese companies from their home markets, including Hikvision, a Chinese video surveillance company majority-owned by the Chinese government.

The uncertainty is reflected in the technical situation in the German stock index. According to the charting industry extremely negative trading day on Monday with significant losses yesterday was a so-called "inside day": high and low point of yesterday's trading were within the range of Monday. This indicates more uncertain investors, a clear direction seems to be missing.

With the publication of the minutes of the last meeting of the US Federal Reserve this evening, monetary policy could possibly replace the all-important issue, at least in the short term. James Bullard, president of the Federal Reserve in St. Louis, is worried about low inflation in the United States. If it went on like this, in his opinion, a lowering of the base rate would be appropriate. This puts the Federal Reserve in the global canon of central banks, which spread their protective hand over the stock markets.

For trading impetus on Wednesday, especially the shareholders' meetings of German stock exchange sizes worried, especially Daimler. The automotive group is concerned with the division into three parts of the group. But at Commerzbank and Uniper, too, market-relevant decisions are pending.

Single values ​​in focus

Daimler: The new CEO Ola Källenius wants to lace up his planned savings package by the summer. It turns out that the costs in the central administrative areas should fall by a good 20 percent. The Group's share price was 0.8 percent weaker in morning trading.

Wirecard: The paper is currently the investor's favorite. Since the end of March this year, the title of online payment service provider has risen by more than 50 percent, with a further 4.4 percent added today. The title is traded at around 156 euros. And from the point of view of charting technology, the opportunity is good for further price gains. Thus, the stock has already overcome the downward trend since September 2018. In the opinion of the technical analysts, short-term bottoming offers up to around 190 euros.

Deutsche Bank: Shortly before its Annual General Meeting, Deutsche Bank discovered an IT mishap. Due to a software bug there were problems checking payments from major customers. According to insiders, some major shareholders of the institute are also dissatisfied with the longtime supervisory board chairman Paul Achleitner and demand a succession regulation. The papers of the money house decline by 0.4 percent.

Commerzbank: Today, shareholders of Germany's second-largest private bank meet for the Annual General Meeting. There is no lack of discussion material. Shareholders of the Frankfurt bank will want to know what will happen after the collapse of the merger with Deutsche Bank. The bank's stock drops 1.2 percent during the event.

Uniper: The shareholders of the electricity producer also meet on Wednesday. That should be exciting, because only on Tuesday a possible showdown was averted. The two hedge funds Elliott and Knight Vinke withdrew their applications, which could have meant a loss of independence or a breakup of Uniper, back in the short term. The shares of Uniper are about 0.6 percent plus.

Infineon: The semiconductor group Infineon is said to have suspended chip deliveries to the Chinese network supplier Huawei since Monday. The company from Neubiberg near Munich had thus responded to the decision of the US Department of Commerce to blacklist Huawei, it said in a report based on two sources familiar with the situation. Since then, the papers have suffered significant losses. Today comes to a slight recovery, the share increases one percent.

What the charting says

Which brands are to be considered at short notice? The daily low of Monday this week was 11,993 points, but the markets may not hold due to the negative trading dynamics on last Monday. Among them is the range of 11,938 meters in the focus: This is the so-called 50 percent correction mark the downward movement of 13,596 (all-time high early 2018) to 10,279 meters, the Dax at the end of December 2018 reached.

The mark of 11,870 / .860 points might be more decisive on the bottom. These are the monthly lows of September 2018 and August 2017. Actually, the German leading index seemed to have left this area with the price jump of the past week. But on Monday was the setback. "Slipping under this bastion should provide the upward reaction of recent months with a big question mark," say the technical analysts of the Düsseldorf bank HSBC. Then the stock market lights would probably jump back to dark yellow.

On the upper side, only a jump over the past two week highs of 12,310 or 12,319 points would clear the way for a new high for the year. The previous year's high is 12,445 meters.

Analysts check: DZ Bank raises fair value for Südzucker

DZ Bank raised the fair value for Südzucker from 10.50 to 12.25 euros, but left the classification on "sell". After the extremely unpleasant financial year 2018/19, the sugar producer still has to chew a very hard (sugar) bread, at least in the first half of 2019/20, analyst Axel Herlinghaus wrote in a study available on Tuesday. Gradual improvement is expected to start in the second half of 2019/20. In view of some remaining question marks, it is still too early to ennoble the objectively emerging improvements on the sugar market as a sustainable turnaround.

More: Here's the page with the Dax-course, here are the current tops & flops in the Dax. Current short selling by investors can be found in our database on short selling.

Dax catching up – Tech values ​​are increasing

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