Day and night”-Jessica: That’s what BTN star Chameen Loca does

2017 left”Jessica“-Actress Chameen Loca “Berlin – Day and Night”. Of course you can read what she’s up to today in the article!

if Jessica mixed Crazy Chameen the WG at the Daily soap “Berlin – day and night” always up properly. She often attracted attention through arguments with Joe, but also through alcohol and drugs. In 2017, Jessica decided to leave town after not being really friends anymore. But what does she do? actress now?

Chameen Loca: YouTube-Karriere statt Daily-Soap

After BTN, the “Jessica” actress became an influencer. Photo: Instagram/Chameen Loca

Until a few years ago, the brunette was very successful on YouTube. She had 150,000 followers there and presented her everyday life to them. From recipes, hair coloring or fun challenges, everything was there. But Chameen could also be seen in some music videos! Since 2019, however, the platform has been quiet about the 32-year-old.

BTN star now influencer and animal rescuer

BTN-Jessi: Chameen Loca totally changed
Chameen has been committed to animal welfare for years. Photo: Facebook/Chameen Loca

Instead, she now shares her life on Instagram with her considerable fan base, which includes over 440,000 followers, madness! Whether on vacation, like recently on Fuerteventura, or while she’s toiling away in the garden of her Brandenburg home at the weekend – her mobile phone is always with her. Chameen shares vegan recipes almost every Saturday and is often live.

In addition to her vegan diet, she is actively involved in animal welfare and has almost half an animal shelter at home with her own dogs and cats! But she also helps the animals around her. A while back, she bought a live fish in a supermarket parking lot, which she then released into the lake, and took an injured cat to the vet. She gives everything for the animals! Recently, for example, she was also on the road in Gambia and on site in the monkey forest. In addition to her love for animals, Chameen is currently also pointing out the intolerable situation of women in Iran and shares it with her community via Instagram and TikTok videos.

Chameen Loca is still in contact with Josephine Welsch, among others

But the heart of the TV star does not only beat for animals. Her former “Berlin – Day and Night” colleagues Jenefer Riili and Josephine Welsch are still close to her even years after her series ended: Some time ago, Chameen even lived with Josephine temporarily! The former “Miri” actress and her longtime partner Robert Dallmann separated last year. She then found shelter with her three children at Chameen’s.

It probably won’t get boring on Chameen’s Instagram account!