Day of the Affirmation of the Argentine Rights on Malvinas: is it a holiday?


Why is the confusion? The Day of the Affirmation of the Argentine Rights on the Malvinas is in commemoration to Luis Vernet, a businessman of German origin who On June 10, 1829, he was named First Military Political Commander of the Malvinas in Puerto Soledad by the then governor of Buenos Aires, Martín Rodríguez. vernet.jpg Luis Vernet, first military political commander of the Falklands It was necessary to wait 144 years for that date to be a holiday, thanks to a law passed on November 14, 1973, at the request of the Fueguian deputy. Esther Fadul. The norm established commemorations, acts, special classes and conferences in educational establishments, the Armed Forces and the Public Administration. A decade later, almost a year after the end of the Falklands War, the Dictatorship established April 2 as “Malvinas Day, South Georgia and the South Sandwich”, in commemoration of the disembarkation of the Armed Forces in the Islands, changing the holiday. war malvinas.jpg On April 2, 1982, Argentine troops landed in the Falklands But in 1984, the Alfonsín government decreed a new transfer of the non-working day to June 10, in an attempt to depoliticize the military and demilitarize society, in a process that became known as “desmalvinization”. alfonsin.jpg Alfonsin decreed a new transfer of the holiday in 1984 In 2000, the holiday passed again to April 2 by law and from 2006 it was established that it was immovable.


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