Daycare centers in Gießen and Offenbach will remain closed on Tuesday |

In the cities and districts of Gießen and Offenbach, the Verdi union is calling for warning strikes on Tuesday. Among other things, the municipal kindergartens and garbage disposal will be affected.

People in the cities and districts of Gießen and Offenbach have to prepare for restrictions on Tuesday due to warning strikes in the public sector. As the service trade union Verdi announced, among other things, the employees of municipal daycare centers will stop working.

Customers of the Gießener Sparkasse, the employment agency and the Offenbach job center could also be faced with closed doors. In addition, garbage is not collected in Gießen.

Response to “Insufficient Offer”

With an extension of warning strikes in central Hesse and Offenbach, the Verdi union wants to increase the pressure on employers in the wage dispute for federal and local employees. The union had already announced the warning strike last Friday after it had received an “insufficient offer” from the employers’ side.

Collective bargaining has been going on since January. They were recently accompanied by massive warning strikes, including on local public transport in Wiesbaden. In Frankfurt, all subways and trams stood still for a day and nothing worked at the airport either. The second round of collective bargaining for around 2.5 million federal and local employees ended on Thursday without a result.

Verdi and the civil servants’ association dbb are demanding 10.5 percent more income, but at least 500 euros more per month. Apprentices should get 200 euros more. According to Verdi, 120,000 employees are affected in Hesse. The employer side had rejected the demands as “unaffordable”.

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