Dayro Moreno will finally stay at Atlético Bucaramanga to play the BetPlay II League 2022

IBAGUÉ – COLOMBIA, 02-06-2022: Dayro Moreno from Bucaramanga celebrates after scoring his team’s first goal during the match between Deportes Tolima and Atlético Bucaramanga for date 5 as part of the BetPlay League DIMAYOR I 2022 played at the Manuel stadium Murillo Toro from the city of Ibagué / Photo: VizzorImage / Juan Torres

Since January 31, 2022, the 36-year-old striker from Tolima Dayro Mauricio Moreno Galindo arrived back at Colombian professional football after passing through Oil East from Bolivia.

Moreno arrived at Atlético Bucaramanga and with 13 goals scored, he established himself as the top scorer of the first semester with the club Leopardwhat qualified for the semi-finals of the Liga BetPlay I 2022.

After his great performance in the local rental, Dayro once again aroused the interest of other Colombian clubs to join his services for the second half of the year, and when everything seemed to indicate that Dayro would be the new reinforcement of the Deportivo Cali club (current champion of the Colombian first division), all the negotiations had an unexpected setback due to the sugar leadership and the fans of the 10-time league champion.

Practically ruled out was the hypothetical signing of this semester’s scorer with Atlético Bucaramanga after the Santander club intervened at the last moment in the negotiation by offering a salary increase to the player from Chicorala fact that would have compromised the aspirations of the Green and White leadership.

And it is that according to the Caleño sports journalist of the Smoke Free Zone program, Felipe Espinal, the efforts were very great to convince Dayro to reach his first Valle del Cauca team, but did not have enough money to formalize his departure from the Pretty city:

Dayro Moreno stays in @ABucaramanga, a great effort was made by the executive committee of @AsoDeporCali, but his departure from the leopard team could not happen. End of story

Deportivo Cali tried to negotiate for Dayro Moreno's pass, but could not compete against the offer from Atlético Bucaramanga / (Twitter: @espinalpipe)
Deportivo Cali tried to negotiate for Dayro Moreno’s pass, but could not compete against the offer from Atlético Bucaramanga / (Twitter: @espinalpipe)

Apparently, Dayro had a review scheduled with the Deportivo Cali medical staff this weekendbut before formalizing his signing with the Verdiblanco cast, he decided to tell the president, Marco Caicedo, that he thanked him for his interest, but that he could not accept the offer.

For his part, the president of the club Leopard, Jaime Elías Quintero, had already announced a few days ago that his board would do everything possible to retain Dayro. The team chaired by businessman Óscar Álvarez put his hand in his pocket and, At the last minute, he presented a new salary offer that exceeded Deportivo Cali’s proposala fact that gave an unexpected turn to the negotiations.

This was announced on the morning of this Friday, June 24, by Miler Pinto Cobos, a sports journalist from Santander who revealed that theThe strategy was to increase Dayro Moreno’s salary, as well as the duration of his contract with the Auriverde teamwhich was extended to December 2023:

The owner @ABucaramanga Óscar Álvarez prevented the arrival of Dayro Moreno to @AsoDeporCali by increasing the salary offer to the scorer, more than what he was offered in the sugar club, in addition to Dayro’s contract will be extended until December 2023, in Cali no I had that guarantee.

This is how Atlético Bucaramanga retained Dayro Moreno in the mid-year transfer market in the BetPlay League / (Twitter: @pintocobos)
This is how Atlético Bucaramanga retained Dayro Moreno in the mid-year transfer market in the BetPlay League / (Twitter: @pintocobos)

Dayro reported that in Bucaramanga they offered him more money to continue with the team, something that Deportivo Cali could not negotiate with. Given the complex financial situation of the Valle del Cauca club, the team that represents Colombia in the Copa Conmebol Sudamericana 2022 had to give up the negotiation and leave the forward’s quota free to the Bumangueses.

Although in Cali they have the Argentine striker available Augustine Vuletich For the coming campaign, Venezuelan coach Rafael Dudamel reported that he is not part of the team’s main plans and if he stays it will be at his own risk. Dudamel is aware that he needs a front-line midfielder in his squad, but that the economic crisis prevents him from having a senior player in this position within the near future.


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