4/10: While the torrents of Florence are spared, the never-ending Muggy buggy drives me.


Today: Mostly cloudy and very humid with occasional rain showers / storms. Highlights: 80-84

This evening: With some evening showers / storms wet. Lows: 67-73

Tomorrow: Cloudy with possible breezes. Highest marks: 77-81

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While it will feel very tropical now through the weekend, the whole true storm campaign should stay well in our south. A few showers and thunderstorms could pop up anytime, but they're probably short in nature. Heavy rainfall is possible given the abundance of moisture, with the greatest risk expected on Friday afternoon. Any significant amount of rain from Florence would be unlikely until the beginning of next week, if at all.

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Today (Thursday): Watch out for a spotty fog in the early morning as the humidity remains high (dew points low until the mid-70s). Clouds will remain abundant during the day. Scattered showers / thunderstorms probably do not stop until later in the afternoon. Most areas see highs reaching the lower 80's with northeast winds of only 5-10 mph. trust: High

This evening: Isolated showers / thunderstorms are unbeatable in the evening in humid conditions. Light northeast wind stops. Lows in the early 60s to lower 70s. Trust: Medium high

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Tomorrow Friday): Showers and maybe a few grudges are a risk during the day, but probably most active in the afternoon and in our southern areas. A few heavier rains are possible, so the umbrella is ready. Clouds are abundant throughout the day. Heights in the upper 70s to the lower 80s should feel better than this but the high humidity rules otherwise. The northeast wind sometimes blows, but mostly in the range of 10-15 mph. Trust: Medium high

Tomorrow night: A few rain showers and occasional thunderstorms pass, but will decrease later in the night. Lows last 70s in sultry conditions in the early 60s. Trust: Medium high

A look ahead

Saturday is relatively uneventful with less humidity, mostly cloudy skies, some thunderstorms in the afternoon and moderate northeast winds. Heights reach the upper 70s to the 80s and the lows of night reach into the 60s. Trust: Medium high

Sunshine is probably more common Sunday. The showering opportunities are lower and are mainly limited to the afternoon. Northeast winds remain light. Highs are mainly in the lower 80s with lows in the 60s. Trust: medium

Monday It is likely that there will be more scattered showers / thunderstorms during the day, and that the remains of Florence will eventually lead north – possibly to our region. In cloudy skies and high humidity, the highs should reach the upper 70's to the 80's. Trust: Low-Medium