Virginia Madsen goes to the swamp.

deadline reports that Madsen was cast in the upcoming series Swamp thing, produced by Aquaman Director James Wan under his Atomic Monster production banner for the exclusive release of DC's upcoming subscription-based streaming service DC Universe.

The Oscar-nominated actress will take on the role of Maria Sunderland, a woman who gives up her comfortable life and rejects her privileged education for true love. Everything seemed to be good for the Sunderland duo in the early years, but as Avery's obsession with the marshes of Marais grows stronger, Maria grows farther and farther away from her lover.

Things only get worse when Abby Arcane is played next year Swamp thing Series of Teen wolf Alum Crystal Reed appears in the small town of Louisiana to investigate a deadly virus in the mystical swamp that has supernatural powers and holds terrible secrets. Abby's presence shakes Maria to the core as she experiences another wave of intense mourning over the death of her daughter Shawna. But the Sunderlands – and everyone else in the city – will face greater problems as the horror rises from the swamp and pours on the once-safe roads.

Although best known for her role as Maya in the comedy drama directed by Alexander Payne SidewaysMadsen is actually a solid size Swamp thing Her experience in the horror and thriller genres and roles in comic-based TV series. Madsen seriously impressed as Helen Lyle in Bernard Rose's crackling film candy manand probably will be the same kind of multi-faceted performance for Swamp thing as Maria Sunderland. The actress has also lent her voice to many superhero shows – like the justice League Animation Series (as Dr. Sarah Corwin), Spider-Man: The new animation series (as silver marten), Justice League unlimited (as Veronica Sinclair / Roulette) and Teen Titans (as Arella). For sure, Swamp thing will mark Madsen's first push into the live action comic adaptation area, but it's not as if she's not completely familiar with this specific world.

For our part, we insist that Madsen will bring her A-Game Swamp thing, And with an actress of her caliber participating in the series, DC may see a rise in subscribers to DC Universe as the platform launches next year.

Based on the DC Comics characters created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson Swamp thing The series will appear sometime in 2019.


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