Ddl Competition, Prime Minister Draghi snubs parties. And he writes directly to Casellati to ask to “pass the law by May”

The anxiety of the Prime Minister Mario Draghi for the reforms necessary for the Recovery plan – paralyzed by the quarrels of the majority – pushes him to an irrational intervention in the relationship between powers: write to the President of the Senate Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati because the draft law on competition (which also contains the provisions on bathing concessions) come “launched” by the end of the month. An intervention that follows yesterday’s, when the pressure of the head of the executive had addressed his ministers and the parties of the majority of him. Translated: to the Lega and the Come on Italy which are the two political forces that stand blocking the provision on competition, which Brussels expects by the end of the year. There is still a significant amount of time left, but the wishes of Palazzo Chigi were to present the competition law for 2023 (the provision is renewed every year) already this summer. In addition, each law carries with it a trail of implementing decrees, on which there is additional work to be done by the ministerial offices.

And this provision under discussion, after 6 months, has yet to complete its process in the Senate (where it is still in committee) and then make the complete path back to the House. Hence the haste of Draghi who, however – from the point of view of institutional grammar – chose one unusual road: skip the Minister for Relations with Parliament, snub the (numerous) group leaders of his (very large) majority, bypass all the intermediate steps of the House regulations, and contact the President of the Senate directly to tell her that that text must have a ” rapid approval by the end of May “. Although the reasons are full of meaning, the anomalous result is that the head of the government indicates to one of the chambers what Parliament must do, in a somewhat unusual application of the relationship between state powers. According to news agencies, Casellati turned the letter to Industry commission – where the Competition bill lies lifeless – and to all the group leaders, who will discuss the request for acceleration of the process in the conference on Tuesday, at 15.

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In his letter Draghi traces the dates that have led up to here: a December 2021 the incardination in commissionil February 25 the arrival of the government amendment that integrated the bill in mid-March amendments presented by parliamentary groups. “To date – underlines the head of the government – although numerous meetings have been held with the parliamentary forces, the voting operations have not actually started”. Thus, concludes the Prime Minister, “the Government, in compliance with parliamentary prerogatives, must therefore represent that, without prompt definition of the works of the Senate with the registration in the Chamber of the provision and one of its own quick approval by the end of May it would be unsustainably put in risk the achievement of a fundamental objective of the Pnrr“. The problem, more than evident, is that the responsibility for the delay and non-voting lies not in the functioning of the Senate, but in the work of the majority parties, especially those of its right wing which in practice blocked the work, threatening to vote. against. But, evidently, despite the urgent council of ministers convened yesterday (and lasted 8 minutes) to tell the parties for interposed ministers to act quickly, the prime minister has little faith in the reaction of the political forces. And he appealed to the highest institutional posts.