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Intel Alder Lake 12th-generation Core processors will first support DDR5 memory, The rated clock is up to 4800MHz, of course, you can continue to overclock, the first batch of DDR5 memories that are on the market at the same time can generally reach 8400MHz.

So, what is the performance of DDR5 memory? The first set of data finally appeared!

Some players have exposed the measured data of the 12-generation Core processor with DDR5 memory. The processor is i5-12600K, 6 major cores and 4 small cores. AIDA64 has confirmed 10 cores and the clock is 4.6GHz.

The memory has two dual channels with a clock of 6400MHz, but the brand is not visible. The measured read bandwidth exceeds 90GB/s, the write bandwidth is close to 89GB/s, and the copy bandwidth is close to 78GB/s.

As a comparison, Crucial Ballistix MAX DDR4-4400 has bandwidths of 65.5GB/s, 63.6GB/s, and 61GB/s under the standard clock, and 70MB/s, 66.3GB/s, and 63GB/s after overclocking to 4600MHz. DDR5-6400 is about 29%, 34%, and 12% higher respectively.

The delay is more worrying, reaching 92.5ns under DDR5-6400 40-40-40-85-2T. As a comparison, DDR4-4400 19-19-19-46-71-1T and DDR4-4600 18-20-20-42-1T were measured at only 51.7ns and 45.9ns, respectively, which is a full half of the difference.

In addition, the breaking news chart also shows that the i5-12600K CPU-Z single-threaded running score is as high as 785.6. In contrast, the current best i9-11900K only has 710 points, and Ryzen 5 5950X has about 690 points, which is an increase of about 11% and 14% respectively. Is the single-core king stable?

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