De Bruin, Sani and Company: Incredible scenario


De Bruin, Sani and Company: An incredible scenario Dubai (Al Ittihad) “We are the heroes … It is an unbelievable feeling, and an unexpected scenario.” With these words, the captain Vincent Combani reacted moments after the end of the match against Manchester United against West Brom, which ended in favor of the latter with a free goal, making City officially crowned Has won the league title for the fifth time in his history, and the third in the era of Al-Zabani, to equal in the last ten years, and under the ownership of Abu Dhabi both Manchester United and Chelsea, each won the title 3 times, and the tenth time champion Leicester City.

“I can not believe I’m part of this club that has given me the opportunity to win the league title three times,” said Company, who appeared in a video recording of the coronation. “What brings me the feeling of happiness is the audience of Man City, who has been used to the championships with this extraordinary generation.” “We are the champions, we are the English Premier League champions for the 2017-2018 season,” said Leroy Sani. “I am very happy with my first league title with Man City,” said Elkay Gundogan. “Every time I remember the details This journey that we found ourselves heroes at the end ». The Portuguese star Bernardo Silva, who has a different footprint inside the green rectangle, looked different in celebrating the league title. He wrote: “Complete this sentence with me, the hero of the league is ….” Silva left enough space in this way for fans and fans to express their joy. “The hero is an incredible city.” Silva’s portrayal of the city of Manchester and the writing of Manchester Blue Sky, in reference to the color of the Blue Moon to dominate the city, having lived for years only know the red color of the team of United, and managed the city since 2008 and so far to make the club stand shoulder “It’s an unbelievable season at all levels, my happiness is indescribable because everyone will give us the title of the champion.” We thank you to visit our website and if you have any questions about this news de Bruin, Sani and Company: Incredible scenario please let us know or leave a comment below
Source: United Arab Emirates newspaper


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