De Netflix-releases van augustus – The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf en Sweet Girl

For Augusto ‘Willy’ Falcon and Salvador ‘Sal’ Magluta it was just a lavish lifestyle, but to the outside world it was a criminal empire: drug smuggling in 1980s Miami. The duo, also known as ‘Los Muchachos’, were charged with smuggling no less than 75 tons of cocaine into the US, after which a bizarre game of cat and mouse unfolded. In six parts, Cocaine Cowboys: Kings of Miami examines how the drug empire collapsed, based on all kinds of interviews and old images.

Twenty years after Hiroyuki Takei’s manga was used as the basis for an anime, Netflix is ​​still redoing it. The first season of Shaman King, which revolves around the young shaman Yoh Asakura, can be seen from August 9. Yoh, like a very select few people, can communicate with the spirits of the dead and even gods. He will do everything in his power to become the Shaman King: the one who can communicate with the Great Spirit. That sounds pretty vague, but if it comes close to the first anime, then Shaman King is worth keeping an eye on.

Long after the movie was announced by Capcom and Netflix, Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is coming to Netflix. The series follows the young Atreus Aiden, who is given the difficult task of protecting his village from a mysterious Elder Dragon. Together with Geralt of Rivia James and Lea, among others, he assembles a team of monster hunters to get the job done. Quite honestly: the film looks quite like the Monster Hunter games, and is therefore graphically not very impressive or expressive. Capcom did get a few cool voice actors on board with Dante Basco, Erica Lindbeck and Brando Eaton.

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Because Netflix is ​​very good at filming books, they immediately bought the rights to fourteen Harlan Coben books. The French Gone for Good is therefore the fourth book to be made into a film, and is about Guillaume Lucchesi, whose new girlfriend Judith suddenly disappears during his mother’s funeral. The trailer promises an exciting quest on beautifully shot locations. So one to keep an eye on.

Another scenario where someone loses their girlfriend: Beckett. In the film, American Beckett (John David Washington) goes on holiday with his girlfriend April (Alicia Vikander) to Greece, where they end up in a horrific car accident. Once awake, April has disappeared, the authorities deny everything that happened and he has to flee through Greece to avoid being caught. And all with a broken arm and a gunshot wound…

Jason Momoa is also back in a new action movie. In Sweet Girl, family man Cooper targets a pharmaceutical company that has deliberately removed competing drugs from the market. When his wife dies as a result of that action, he does everything he can to get revenge. However, Cooper forgets that he also has a daughter, who is swept up in a thrilling chase. A nice blockbuster film for a summer evening!

Finally, we have the most interesting release of the month: The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. In this anime film, we follow the young Vesemir, who steps out of poverty into the profession and becomes one of Kaer Morhen’s foremost monster hunters. The series focuses not only on the painful process of young Witchers-to-be, but also how Vesemir’s past comes to haunt him once he’s fully settled in. With The Witcher producer Lauren S. Hissrich and writer Beau DeMayo on board, Nightmare of the Wolf promises to be a fun, original expansion of the universe.

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  • 1-8-2021Creed
  • 1-8-2021Failure to Launch
  • 1-8-2021The Search for Hitler’s Bomb
  • 1-8-2021Rush Hour 2
  • 1-8-2021Star Trek
  • 1-8-2021The Great Gatsby
  • 1-8-2021Jackie Brown
  • 2-8-2021Rick and Morty: Season 5
  • 3-8-2021Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified
  • 3-8-2021Pray Away
  • 3-8-2021Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord
  • 4-8-2021Control Z: Season 2
  • 4-8-2021Car Masters: Rust to Riches: Season 3
  • 4-8-2021Cooking With Paris
  • 4-8-202176
  • 4-8-2021Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami
  • 6-8-2021Hit & Run
  • 6-8-2021Navarasa
  • I live
  • 6-8-2021The Swarm
  • 8-8-2021Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce): Season 2
  • 9-8-2021SHAMAN KING
  • 10-8-2021Phil Wang: Philly Philly Wang Wang
  • 10-8-2021Untold: Malice at the Palace
  • 10-8-2021Gabby’s Dollhouse: Season 2
  • 11-8-2021Bake Squad
  • 11-8-2021The Kissing Booth 3
  • 12-8-2021AlRawabi School for Girls
  • 12-8-2021Riverdale Episode 11: Chapter Eighty-Seven: “”Strange Bedfellows””
  • 12-8-2021Lokillo: Nothing’s the Same
  • 12-8-2021Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild
  • 13-8-2021Brand New Cherry Flavor
  • 13-8-2021Gone for Good
  • 13-8-2021The Kingdom
  • 13-8-2021Valeria: Season 2
  • 13-8-2021Beckett
  • 13-8-2021Fast & Furious Spy Racers: Season 5: South Pacific
  • 13-8-2021Noise in Gerri . House
  • 16-8-2021Ted 2
  • 17-8-2021Untold: Deal With the Devil
  • 17-8-2021Go! Go! Cory Carson: Season 5
  • 18-8-2021The Secret Diary of an Exchange Student
  • 18-8-2021Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes
  • 19-8-2021 Riverdale Episode 12: Chapter Eighty-Eight: “”Citizen Lodge””
  • 20-8-2021The Chair
  • 20-8-2021Everything Will Be Fine
  • 20-8-2021Sweet Girl
  • 20-8-2021The Loud House Movie
  • 23-8-2021The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf
  • 24-8-2021Untold: Caitlyn Jenner
  • 24-8-2021Oggy Oggy
  • 25-8-2021Open Your Eyes
  • 25-8-2021Clickbait
  • 25-8-2021Motel Makeover
  • 25-8-2021Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes
  • 25-8-2021John of God: The Crimes of a Spiritual Healer
  • 25-8-2021Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed
  • 26-8-2021Riverdale Episode 13: Chapter Eighty-Nine: “”Reservoir Dogs””
  • 26-8-2021Family Reunion: Part 4
  • 26-8-2021EDENS ZERO
  • 27-8-2021Titletown High
  • 27-8-2021He’s All That
  • 27-8-2021I Heart Arlo
  • 29-8-2021Nevertheless
  • 31-8-2021Good Girls: Season 4
  • 31-8-2021You Are My Spring
  • 31-8-2021Sparking Joy
  • 31-8-2021Untold: Crime & Penalties
  • Coming Soon Comedy Premium League
  • Coming soon DP
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