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Dead in Salzgitter: 22-year-old died violently | – News – Lower Saxony

As of: 15.04.2019 11:34

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Despite immediate rescue measures, the 28-year-old dies in the SEK mission.

Two dead and many questions: After special forces shot dead a 28-year-old man in Salzgitter and the police later discovered a 22-year-old dead man in his apartment, the autopsy result is now available. The 22-year-old died accordingly a non-natural death, as the prosecutor Brunswick announced on Monday. As is determined because of a homicidal offense, no details would be announced for the time being, said authorities spokeswoman Julia Meyer It is unclear, among other things, the relationship between the two men and whether the 28-year-old is responsible for the death of the 22-year-olds.



In Salzgitter a man has been killed in a SEK mission. In his apartment, a 22-year-old was found dead. His autopsy shows: He died no natural death.
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28-year-old had barricaded himself

Starting point for the investigation was a police operation on Thursday evening: A man called the police, because in his apartment a friend – the 28-year-old – would be, the need for medical attention. In the apartment, officers then came across the 28-year-old wounded man who had barricaded himself. The prosecution does not reveal where his injuries came from because of ongoing investigations. The later called special task force (SEK) first tried to talk to the man and persuade him to cooperate. However, according to the prosecution, this had not been successful and the officials had been threatened by the man in a darkened room with an object similar to an armor. When the man did not respond to warning shots, a SEC officer fired a deadly shot. The bullet hit the 28-year-old in the spinal cord. That was the autopsy.

22-year-old apparently dead for days

After the fatal shot, the police raided the 28-year-old's apartment in a block of flats in a neighboring street. There they found the body of the 22-year-old man. This had apparently already died a few days earlier. There was first evidence of explosives in the apartment, but not confirmed.

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Hello Lower Saxony

Hello Lower Saxony

In Salzgitter, special forces fired a man during a mission. Investigators found another body in his apartment. The backgrounds are still unclear.
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Two dead and unanswered questions: In a deployment of special forces of the police in Salzgitter, a man has been killed. In the dwelling of the dead, the investigators found another body. (04.12.2019)


NDR // News

NDR // News

In a job in Salzgitter special forces shot a man. Investigators found another body in the man's home. Many questions are still open.
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