“Dead Space Remake” is scheduled to hold a developer live broadcast in the early morning of 5/13 focusing on the game art performance “Dead Space Remake”

EA announced today (5/10) that the in-development sci-fi survival horror game “Dead Space” (PS5 / Xbox Series X|S / PC) will be released on May 13, Taiwan time At 2:00 a.m., a developer live broadcast will be held to reveal the art of the game.

The game is set in the futuristic world of the 26th century. Players will play the role of engineer Isaac Clarke. As an ordinary person, he is carrying out routine communication system maintenance tasks on the spacecraft “Ishimura”. However, it won’t be long before he finds himself in the midst of his worst nightmare. Spaceship crews are killed and infected by aliens… Isaac’s beloved mate Nicole is lost somewhere on the starship. Isaac must now act alone, using his engineering talents and tools, to try to solve the nightmarish mysteries aboard the Ishimura. Isaac, besieged by a hostile creature known as the “Necromorph”, faces a battle for survival as he battles not only the mounting fears on his spaceship, but also his shaky sanity.

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