Deadly wolf attacks scare Gerês

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A pack killed a donkey this weekend, outside the Peneda-Gerês National Park, in Santo António de Mixões da Serra, Vila Verde, in the district of Braga, three months after another attack resulted in the death of two donkeys and injuries to another.

The population of that parish, located at the northern end of the municipality of Vila Verde, is already afraid to go out into the street, in isolation, because this deadly attack occurred early in the morning, already in daylight, a situation that did not occur just a few years ago.

The animal’s owner, Mário Abreu, told JN that the pack’s first attack occurred at ten meters from home. “Now the wolves attack again, killing yet another Mirandese donkey, which he recently bought for 1,500 euros, intended for breeding.”

Elements of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, under the supervision of the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests, were at the site to register the occurrence, assuming that the wolves in this area are more likely to be part of two unaccompanied packs, one from Vila Verde and another from Serra Amarela.

“Wolves have been decimating equines, but there is also a report of a dead cow and food eaten by wolves not so long ago”, as added by this Vilaverdense breeder, explaining that “the wolf is getting closer and closer to homes and the population is already afraid not only the death of more animals, but even an attack against an inhabitant “.

Several people from the village reported to the JN that they find differences between the animals that currently appear there, since they do not seem to be so afraid of approaching the inhabited areas and with people.

It is the second deadly attack recorded this year in the same place, ironically in the vicinity of the Santo António de Mixões da Serra Sanctuary, an area where every year a Catholic priest blesses the animals that are brought to him, from the domestic ones to the herding ones.

But, according to Mário Abreu, in June of last year, another attack killed a donkey. The animals “used to be on land, by the road, they were an attraction of the land, because tourists photographed the animals, always very docile”.

This entrance area to the Peneda-Gerês National Park, which accesses both Brufe (Terras de Bouro) and Germil (Ponte da Barca), has a large number of equines, which usually roam along the municipal roads.



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