“Deal concluded”: Chalençon lynch Caroline Margeridon… who answers him!

The former columnist of the show “Affaire concluded” violently attacked his former colleague Caroline Margeridon on Twitter. The latter reacted sharply to the words of the guy recently landed from the France 2 program.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon is talking about him again. After his aggressive tweets against Line Renaud and a photo with Dieudonné which earned him to be unloaded from “Deal concluded”, the former columnist split violent tweets towards Caroline Margeridon, his ex-colleague of the show from France 2.

To an Internet user who spoke to him about the columnist, Pierre-Jean Chalençon replied: “I have no more news from her! The good friend Lol. (…) I have new friends, but there are the old guys and the cockroaches, it helps to clean up! ” And the guy to drive the point home: “When you scratch the varnish … I was not fooled, but at this point …”

Chalençon’s tweets greatly surprised viewers who used to see him very close to Caroline Margeridon. Indeed, the two even gave each other regularly “my love” on the air. And did not hide their mutual affection.

Caroline Margeridon also reacted to Chalençon’s tweets: “I am really shocked by the words and insults of Pierre-Jean that I have just read on Twitte,” she declares on the site morandini.com. At the same time, I discovered that he had fun insulting me with my close friends, even going so far as to call me a slut or a whore! And during this time, he sends me private messages saying that I am his love and his friend ”.

She adds that she does not understand why Pierre-Jean Chalençon behaves like this: “He even floods my lover with messages, every day, telling him that he loves us both and that he wants to come and spend the holidays with us!” All this at our expense of course … ”

And Caroline Margeridon concluded this case: “This type of behavior really makes me want to vomit!”

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