De’Andre Hunter, a falcon shot down in the air!

In 48 hours, the referees sent off two players for flagrant 2 fouls and similar actions. After Grayson Allen was ejected for ripping Alex Caruso’s arm off and causing him to break his wrist, it’s up to Kelly Oubre Jr. to receive the same penalty. The Hornets winger grabbed De’Andre Hunter’s arm in the air during the Hawks’ win at Charlotte, and the young winger fell heavily to the ground.

Unlike Grayson Allen, Kelly Oubre Jr. immediately ran at De’Andre Hunter, but the referees ruled, after reviewing the video, that this foul warranted an ejection. Like Alex Caruso on Friday night, the Falcon got up and played for two minutes before leaving. For those interested, there are » Nothing seriousBut let’s remember that Caruso had the same reaction on game night against the Bucks.

“He put ice on his shoulder and it hurts all over that side” said Nate McMillan, keeping his fingers crossed for his player. “It is too early to know if there is a problem. In the locker room, he was able to move around a bit and his arm was wrapped in ice. »