Dear Villain, Mr. Bad Synopsis Dear Villain, Mr. Bad

Dear Villain (Mr. Bad) Synopsis for the iQIYI series tells the story of Xiao Wudi, a villain from the novel who has come into the present world. The owner of the story in the novel is the hyper woman writer Nanxing. What will the story be next? You can watch the first episode on Friday, September 30, 2022.

Dear villain, Mr. Bad

Dear Villain (Mr. Bad) iQIYI Series

Dear villain, Mr. Bad

Dear Villain (Mr. Bad) iQIYI Series

Synopsis of the beloved villain (Mr. Bad)

Nanxing (played by Shen Yue), an athletic girl who looks like a boy on the outside. but actually has a feminine character. She always yearned for a love that was as sweet as in the series. And she’s a young woman who loves writing novels.

One day as she prayed and tossed a coin at a holy well She accidentally calls Xiao Wudi (played by Chen Zeyuan) the villain in her novel. accidentally came out of the book

The smart and cunning Xiao Wudi had just come to this world for the first time. When he came into the world, he was still a villain that was both stingy and wise. He forcibly threatened Nan Xing so that he could come next to her house. and use his nefarious plot to live as Nanxing’s neighbor until there are conflicts every day. And the two begin a life of hustle and bustle of neighbors. The love affair between the two was born from here. Then you’ll be enchanted by the cuteness of a handsome villain and a leaky young writer in the series. Dear Villain (Mr. Bad) Watch the series Dear Villain (Mr. Bad) Available via iQIYI (Ai Qi Yi) and series. Dear Villain (Mr. Bad) First start on Friday 30 September 2022

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List of leading actors in Dear Villain (Mr. Bad)

  • Chen Zeyuan
  • Shen Yue
  • Dong Quan
  • Shao Feng
  • Wang Zijian

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