While a public gathering was organized at the Mont Valérien funérarium in Nanterre , where the coffin of France Gall was exposed during two days, the singer will be interred today in the cemetery of Montmartre. And if some celebrities like Jean-Jacques Debout or Calogero have come to bid farewell to the star with other fans at the funeral parlor, others prefer to say goodbye to him in song, like Florent Manaudou. ⋙ VIDEO Jérémy Frérot sings and Florent Manaudou plays guitar: duet of brothers-in-law The former champion pool, converted into handball, goes to the surprise everyone singing on stage. The owner of the cabaret L’Etoile Bleue, of which Florent Manaudou is the godfather, revealed to 20 minutes that the young man would perform with his guitar in the Marseille establishment to interpret the tube resists . A daunting challenge that gives us some chills even though he regularly posts photos of him and his guitar on his Instagram account. But no panic, there should be no disaster, Florent Manaudou is obviously an ace of guitar and singing. ” It’s not bad at all, I would not put it on stage if it was ridiculous “, Assured the owner of the cabaret, which ensures that the sportsman plays for three years of the guitar … thanks to videos on YouTube. But the brother of Laure Manaudou will still have the right to a version ” not too hard “Of the title of France Gall. We still hope that his brother Jérémy Frérot, former half of the duo Fréro Delavega, will coach him a little bit before.

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