Death of Johnny Hallyday: Saint-Barthélemy’s florists are overwhelmed

Death of Johnny Hallyday: Saint-Barthélemy’s florists
 are overwhelmed

Since the death of Johnny Hallyday, the tomb of the Taulier is filled with flowers and little words. According to information from AFP, florists on the Caribbean island have a lot of work. After receiving an extraordinary folk tribute in the streets of Paris and the Church of the Madeleine, the idol of young people was buried in the cemetery of Lorient, Saint-Barthélemy. Since the death of Johnny Hallyday December 6, many relatives and fans make the trip across the Atlantic to collect on his grave, place flowers and gifts. The rocker’s white marble burial is entirely covered with roses and various bouquets. A composition of white flowers forming the word “Love” is also installed in front of his cross. All these flowers come from the two unique shops of Saint-Barthélemy. The burial of Johnny Hallyday on the Caribbean island has upset the daily life of these florists, now overwhelmed: ” I made two guitars, a motorcycle, a treble clef, a heart, explains Claire, the manager of the Bloomy store at the AFP . She receives, mostly, orders from France: ” At first especially, it was madness. We had people crying on the phone. Someone asked me to send sand from his grave. And then, once the flowers are installed, they ask for photos, news … Some just call to discuss Johnny Hallyday “, she continues . Although there are fewer applications today, the florist still has a lot to do: ” At the moment, I work a lot with family and friends. His musicians, producers … ” The florists of the island are not the only ones to be overwhelmed. The tourist office also receives many calls from the metropolis. The fans of Johnny Hallyday get information on the price of the trip and the best season to visit Saint-Barthélemy: ” They are advised to come during the summer, less expensive and quieter period, more conducive to meditation, and which would be like an extension of the tourist season on the island In spite of the very high prices, the admirers of the rocker are ready to do everything to deposit flowers on the grave of their idol. Read also : Death of Johnny Hallyday: how Laeticia made sure that the tomb remains flowery after leaving St. Barth More than

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