Death of Johnny Hallyday: The rocker on the front page of the French press

Death of Johnny Hallyday: The rocker on the front page of the French press

Four Unes of daily newspapers dated December 7, 2017, evoking the death of Johnny Hallyday. – The Mountain / Nice Morning / Release / 20 Minutes
Johnny, the beast of stage. Hallyday, the idol of the French . Johnny Hallyday and his “legend”. This Thursday morning, the day after the death of the star the newspapers present “Le Taulier” in all its facets. His face appears on the front page of every newspaper in the country. Here is a small selection.

Johnny by Depardon on the front page of “Libé” Thursday – Liberation (@libe) December 6, 2017

One that has been the most shared on social networks is undoubtedly that of Release. The daily, which has a certain talent to design very aesthetic first pages has chosen a photo signed Raymond Depardon. On the inside pages, the photographer explains that he took it during a concert in 1967: “I had never seen that, someone who was putting on the shirt on stage. (…) He did not undress often and I was there at the right time, “he says.

Discover the daily newspaper 20 Minutes of the day. Your journal is to be consulted here: ] – 20 Minutes (@ 20Minutes) December 7, 2017

For our paper and digital edition , we also chose a photo of Johnny in concert. We see him seized in full swing, on the stage of L’Olympia, in 1962. The title retained: “Engraved in rock”. The publishing department hesitated with winks at his songs: “Memories, memories,” “This guy …” and “Requiem for an idol”. It is also the first time in fifteen years of existence that the blue does not appear in the logo of 20 minutes …

Some of the titles considered – and not selected – by “20 Minutes” for its edition of December 7, 2017. – Dalmas / Sipa / 20 Minutes

The world was the first newspaper to unveil its one (its offbeat looping allowed it to publish its edition as early as Wednesday afternoon). He writes that “the French idol” has been “the soundtrack of several generations”.

#ALaUne Johnny Hallyday, a French idol – The World (@lemondefr) December 6, 2017

Le Figaro opted for a photo of the artist on stage, head bowed, haloed with smoke. Johnny, like a mystical idol. This is how the newspaper says “Goodbye” to the “national treasure”.

Farewell #Johnny . The homage of @Le Figaro #JohnnyHalliday – Alexis Brézet (@abrezet) December 6, 2017

“Legendary” spreads out on a large scale Today in France and its local declination in the capital, The Parisian . Johnny appears smiling on a recent and posed photo.

Discover the front page of the newspaper dated Thursday, December 7th. 30 pages on Johnny Hallyday and a “Legendary” – The Parisian (@Le_Parisien) December 6, 2017

On the side of the regional press, The mountain , broadcast in the Massif Central, has selected a black and white photo and close-up to greet “The legend Johnny”.

Hello ! On the front page of our newspaper, a tribute to Johnny Hallyday. Good reading ! – The Mountain Brive (@Montagnecorreze) December 7, 2017

Johnny was “the last idol”, for The voice of the North . A way to distinguish the unparalleled career and the unique aura of the rocker who has seduced the crowds over the decades.

The newspaper of the day is available, you can download it – The VDN (@lavoixdunord) December 7, 2017

South West has set his sights on the same photo as chosen by his northern counterpart. “Our years Johnny” title soberly the newspaper that also writes that the rocker “leaves France orphaned”.

This Thursday, “Sud Ouest” returns to the monumental career of the French rock idol – SO_LaRochelle (@SO_LaRochelle) December 7, 2017

“Our history” title Nice morning , which also refers to the local angle of some of the articles on the inside pages. Johnny had “a singular connection” with the French Riviera.

One from Nice-Matin from Thursday, December 7th 2017 – Nice-Matin (@Nice_Matin) December 6, 2017

In the light of West France Johnny, “the eternal idol,” points to the sky with your finger and your gaze. The photo was taken during a concert in Nantes in 2009. “The star leaves legacy of dozens of tubes that will trotter long into our heads,” says the Breton daily.

The eternal idol #Johnny Hallyday on the front page of the newspaper @West France from December 7th, but also #Trump #Jerusalem or the @TransMusicales – West-France (@OuestFrance) December 6, 2017

Finally, even the sports newspaper The Team is in tune. No Johnny’s photo on the front page, but an edition whose titles are so many nods to the songs of the star.

“Light the fire” in One of @lequipe this Thursday, December 7th. – THE TEAM (@the team) December 6, 2017

Good game, @lequipe who pays tribute in his own way to #Johnny on every page! – Adeline Francois (@ a2linefrancois) December 7, 2017

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