Death Stranding and other PC games coming soon on Xbox. All thanks to GeForce Now

Owners of the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One got access to many games, including Steam. The list includes, for example, Death Stranding, because the production is available in the GeForce Now catalog.

NVIDIA does not give up its streaming service, and even intends to significantly develop it. The company has already unveiled a “new generation of cloud” that will be powered by the GeForce RTX 3080 and has also released a new client version.

As it turns out, GeForce Now has received support (in the beta version) for the Microsoft Edge browser, so Xbox owners will be able to run their games from, for example, Steam on consoles. All thanks to the new version of Edge, which now allows, among other things, access to Stadia.

This way, through Edge and GeForce Now, players can play Death Stranding, for example. Currently, there are no PlayStation productions on the NVIDIA service, but if Sony decides to cooperate with the corporation (Japanese games appeared in the GeForce Now leak), this way we could turn them on on Xboxes.

Tom Warren from The Verge shows how the service works with the example of CS: GO:


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