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Death Stranding Director’s Cut: The Metal Gear Solid References From Kojima’s New Trailer

by archyw

It seemed like a simple chat between friends, such as Geoff Keighley and Hideo Kojima, but the Japanese genius, emulating another genius such as Steve Jobs, said the magic words before saying goodbye: “One More Thing.” And so we discovered the first trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut within the framework of the Summer Game Fest.

We do not yet know for what reasons, but Kojima wanted to emulate Zack Snyder and his Justice League and it seems that he is preparing a review of his latest video game. Although we have known him for many years and we know that we cannot trust him completely. Is it a troll and is he really trying to remove everything he did with Death Stranding?

What is evident is that the trailer, in which we see Sam Bridges played once again by Norman Reedus, is a complete tribute to the saga Metal Gear Solid, of which Kojima is the father. What does this mean? That is the question. There are those who speculate with a remake of the first installment; although for that the creative would have to have made peace with Konami. Unite the two universes? It seems difficult because the Japanese publisher has the rights to the trademark. We will have to wait.

But, faced with such a candy, full of references to the adventures of Solid Snake, Big Boss y compañía, We have analyzed the trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut a few times to bring up the references, some hidden and others not so much, that it has towards the saga Metal Gear Solid. It’s cheeky, wow.

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The Warehouse of the Beginning of Metal Gear Solid

I had my doubts that the corridor seen in the close-ups had any relation to that of Cybork Ninja and his trail of corpses, so I go to the first clearer evidence. The store. By the time I’ve seen it, I’ve had a flashback with the start of Metal Gear Solid, with Snake taking off his diving suit and trying to reach the elevator. Here too there seems to be one at the end.

The setting is far from identical, but the tone and surface are reminiscent. There’s also puddles and soldiers swarming. I am disturbed by the viscosities on the wall that form a kind of stalactites, I think they are important but I can’t say why.

Death Stranding

In fact, and analyzing more shots of this small sequence, we also see a yellow forklift. Okay, it’s a normal thing in a warehouse. But it is also the site par excellence in which more users hide in the original while they wait for the elevator to go down and go up without being detected.

Death Stranding
Death Stranding

The influence of cinema: Predator

Kojima has already said a thousand times that 70% of his body is movies, and he has used celluloid for inspiration in his games in a tremendously evident way. There are many examples besides the already known Escape in LA to call the protagonist Snake or the inspiration in Sean Connery for Big Boss.

Predator is a mythical film in which enemies use stealth to finish off their victims, just like Snake does. If you have played Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake de MSX2You will know that Jungle Evil, one of the characters in the game, was originally called Predator. In fact, among the fandom many continue to call him that.

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Not only that. On Predator We have seen that the soldiers put camouflage on their faces, as a military tactic. One of the most used mechanics in Metal Gear Solid 3. Not to mention the optical camouflage, also common in the saga and inspired by the Predator movie.

You could say that Predator y Metal Gear They go hand in hand in many respects and here we see these enemies, who have an aspect nailed to that of the classic character from the world of cinema.

The soundtrack is identical

It is not that I have the finest ear in the world, but it is evident that music we listen to in the background In the new trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut, it looks like something out of any Metal Gear. It may not be the same, but it does have small pieces. Listen to the musical background of the trailer and then put any song in the series that has “Stealth” in its title. We leave you an example.

The ventilation shaft and the rat

This reference is very evident; so much so that even Kojima himself used it when he worked as a supervisor of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. We all have in our retina the entrance to the warehouse, the Metal Gear Solid from PSX, entering through a ventilation shaft and the rats guiding us the way. Oh Kojima, how playful you are.

Death Stranding
Death Stranding

The box … but there are even more surprises

It is the reference par excellence. The box has become a true icon of the Metal Gear Solid saga, as a resource for its protagonists to hide from enemies. The wink is very clear, although the box says that it is from Fragile Express, so it would correspond to Fragile, the character belonging to Death Stranding. But there is more.

Death Stranding
Death Stranding

And the thing is, inside the box there are oranges. Sam drops them on the floor, scattering them down the hall without any concern. And that? You will say. Oranges are key in the relationship of this Death Stranding Director’s Cut with MGS and another more than obvious reference. Look at the image that we leave you below.

Death Stranding
Death Stranding

Do you see it? In Metal Gear Solid 2, the good old Solid Snake infiltrated the ship in a box of oranges, as the word well marks THE ORANGE in the box itself. And just, Sam drops oranges from inside, as if it were a parallel universe. Kojima has it all measured.

Death Stranding

In the end, the video ends with Sam getting into the box, as Solid Snake has done so many times throughout its history. The evidence is very clear, and I’m sure I have left a few on the way. But one thing is clear:

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Kojima, what are you up to?

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima has appeared at the Summer Game Fest to announce a new version of his latest title that will include all the material that did not make it to the final product. A director’s version in the purest cinematic style.

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