Earlier, the civil defense in a statement yesterday, the death of a girl (7 years) and two women, after the car was carrying five people in the area of ​​Malih in the province of Madaba (Central), and the civil defense teams found another girl alive, and continues Search and rescue teams search.

The rescue team was able to help many citizens, whose number was not identified, were surrounded by rainwater in the areas of Wala in Madaba, Wadi Shuaib in Balqa (central), Wadi Musa in Maan (south).

The groups of the Azhar police station and the Preventive Security groups evacuated 11 families of 55 Syrian citizens to the secondary school for girls. The families lived in the houses of hair and tents built in the valleys. In addition, 10 Jordanian families were evicted from the Marijah area, where Khima lives in houses in Al-Muraigha.

The governor of Maan Ahmad Al-Amoush said that 10 tourists were evacuated stranded in the Husainiya area of ​​Ma'an and transferred to the youth house in the Shubak area and provide all the requirements for them.

The Ministry of Education decided to suspend the private schools scheduled for Saturday in the various directorates of education. In addition, official and private universities announced the suspension of the study and the postponement of the exams, including universities, Jordanian, Hashemite, Yarmouk, Hussain Bin Talal, German Jordanian, Applied Balqa, Mu'tah, Science and Technology, Al-Bayt, Tafila Technical, Middle East, The Arab Academy of Music, the American Academy of Madaba, Ajloun National University, Oman National, International Islamic Sciences, Philadelphia, Petra, Zarqa Al Ahlia and Luminus College in Amman and Irbid.

The Minister of Awqaf, Abdul Nasser Abu al-Basal, instructed the directors of the endowments in the Kingdom to open mosques in the areas that were exposed or exposed to floods to shelter citizens and provide all the assistance and urgent services to them. He also instructed Awqaf managers to provide all material and in-kind assistance to the affected families.

The Aqaba Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) Chairman Nasser Al-Shuraideh announced the readiness of Aqaba Development Company, Aqaba Ports Management and Operation Company and Aqaba Transport and Logistics Company to deal with the expected weather conditions by equipping all appropriate mechanisms to deal with any emergency.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in Jordan (UNRWA) said in a statement on Friday evening that school administration examinations for the post of director and assistant director scheduled for Saturday were postponed to another notice due to prevailing weather conditions and for the safety of staff and teachers.

The torrential rains that raided the Dead Sea two weeks ago killed 21 people and wounded 43, most of them children, who were on a school trip in the blue area of ​​Ma'an near the Dead Sea.