Death Wishes You Good in Death’s Door, November 23 on PS5 and Switch

Grim Reaper Acid Nerve (Titan Souls) and the damned souls of Devolver Digital announce the arrival of Death’s Door, the action-adventure game fantasy on PS5 and Switch on November 23.

Death’s Door propels players into a bizarre world where Ravens are tasked with collecting the souls of the dead. Harvesting and punching in at set times may seem monotonous, but that’s the life honest Ravens have decided to lead. The daily life of one of these birds comes alive a little when a soul assigned to him is stolen: he must then hunt his desperate thief to a strange kingdom, where death has no hold. Creatures grow there well beyond their expiration date, overflowing with greed and power: danger arises every moment.

From the Hall of Doors, explore lands haunted by twisted creatures and countless secrets, and bring some hope to the weird and wonderful characters you meet along the way. Use and upgrade your melee weapons, arrows, and spells as you hunt down and defeat ruthless colossi with singular motivations and backgrounds.