Debate for abortion: Ginés González García, actress Muriel Santa Ana, Débora Plager and Julia Mengolini speak today

Debate for abortion: Ginés González García, actress Muriel Santa Ana, Débora Plager and Julia Mengolini speak today

On Tuesday, the debate on the decriminalization of abortion continues in the National Congress. It will be the third day of hearings, and it is expected to begin at 10:10. Physicians, psychologists, lawyers, politicians and teachers will participate. There will also be some famous people, such as the actress Muriel Santa Ana, the philosopher Darío Sztajnszrajber and the journalists Débora Plager and María Eugenia Estensoro. In addition, the former health minister Ginés González García, who supported the in a Clarin interview : “If the abortion were male, it would have been solved long ago” Look also The word “Life”, axis of the great debate for the decriminalization of abortion In the morning, there will be 22 speakers who are against the termination of pregnancy. Towards the afternoon, 22 people will speak, who will express themselves in favor of legalization. “The first week was in the morning those who were in favor and in the afternoon those who were against, on Tuesday we are going to reverse the order, to somehow balance it,” he said. Clarion the deputy Daniel Lipovetzky, head of the Commission of General Legislation. “And on Thursday we will start with the first debate with interspersed speakers,” he added. The debate last Thursday, with empty chairs (Lucía Merle). Last Thursday, on the second day of hearings, most of the deputies hit the breach . The chairs in the room in Annex C of the Chamber of Deputies spent much of the day empty. When asked if they are talking to the deputies to attend and thus be able to show a full audience, Lipovetzky responded that “these are topics that are always discussed, we expect more people to go, but each one has its own agenda and other activities. Of course we suggest they come, but then it does not depend on us. ” “For these hearings it is not necessary that there be a quorum, because they are informative audiences,” says Lipovetzky. He points out that there are 700 exhibitors, with hearings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, until the end of May. On each day, the number of speakers is increasing. In the first there were 32, in the second 38 and now they will be 44. “But we are not going to come in. Our idea is to finish by the end of May to be able to dictate and try to take to the site in the first half of June”, concludes Lipovetzky. Those who will exhibit in favor Fabián Portnoy, doctor, coordination of Sexual Health, AIDS and STIs at the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health Pío Iván Gómez Sánchez, gynecologist and epidemiologist, advisor to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF / RHO) Cecilia Zerbo, clinical doctor, former associate director of Estelle de Carlotto Maternity Analía Mas, lawyer FLGBT Gabriela Soledad Guerreros, pastor of the Church Dimension of Faith Darío Sztajnszrajber, graduate in Philosophy and teacher Darío Sztajnszrajber will speak out in favor of abortion (Gerardo Dell Oro). María Eugenia Estenssoro, journalist and writer Ginés González García, doctor and former Minister of Health of the Nation Daniel Gustavo Gollan, doctor and former Minister of Health of the Nation Raquel Vivanco, National Coordinator of the Women’s Movement of the Latin American Matrix Juliana Di Tullio, deputy María Luisa Storani, parliamentary deputy of Mercosur Brenda Hamilton, President of the Philosophy and Letters Student Center of the UBA The actress Muriel Santa Ana, among the exhibitors (Silvana Boemo). Muriel Santa Ana, actress Débora Plager, journalist Carlos BIGALLI, Professor of the Faculty of Law of the UBA. Natalia Volosin, lawyer Look also Hilda Sabato: “The debate on abortion overcomes the crack and the factional divisions” Natalia Torres Santome, lawyer María Gutierrez, psychologist specialist in assistance to adolescents María de los Ángeles Roberto, theologian Julieta Velmaggia, executive secretary FUA Agustina Ramon Michel, lawyer Those who will expose against Rodolfo Keller, doctor Debora Ranieri, Doctor of Legal Sciences Ricardo Bach de Chazal, lawyer Leonardo Puchetta, from the Bioethics Center Juan Bautista Navarro Floria, professor of the UCA José María Augerre, Professor of Philosophy at the UCA On March 25, the “March for Life” was held in rejection of the project to legalize abortion (Mario Quinteros). Florence Ratti Jorge Cavagna, doctor Pablo María de la Torre, pediatrician Evelyn Rodríguez, teacher Cristian Webber, family testimony Raúl Magnasco, from the Más Vida Foundation Look also “To decriminalize abortion, you have to dismantle the entire legal system,” said Eduardo Menem Carolina Conte, lawyer Mariano Ghilardi, from the Help Center for Women La Merced Ayelen Alancay, from the Más Vida Foundation Verónica Schaab, of VERiVIDA Paola Delbosco, professor of Ethics and Philosophy at the Austral University Carolina Alvarado, attorney at La Merced Vida Ignacio de la Riva, teacher of the UCA Mariano D’Onofrio, Coordinator of the Department of Students of the UCA Diana Flores de Castillo, of Gravida Patricia Ruiz Moreno, former deputy

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