DEBBIE McGee has revealed that her late husband Paul Daniels was not exactly bald when he started wearing a wig – he was only planning the future.
The 60-year-old widow broke her silence on one of the showbiz's best-kept secrets, admitting that all this was a clever trick when he retired.
Hulton Archive – Getty Paul Daniels wore wigs, even if he had hair. She told The Guardian, "When I met him for the first time, he had lots of hair, even though he wore a wig. He was a realist.
"He always said his wig was a business plan. He was a bit older, about 30 years old, and he saw younger people coming up, and his hair went back slowly, and he thought, 'If I'm wearing a wig now, nobody knows I've just got a wig on. "
The wizard also used the wig for a party party, with Debbie revealing, "He sneezed at parties and it went through the room. He would do anything to make people laugh. "
In 2011, Paul actually sold some of his toupee on eBay and was able to get £ 1,100 for one of them.
Doug Seeburg – The Sun His late wife Debbie revealed the secret behind his hairNorth News and Pictures Paul sold one of his wigs on eBay in 2011. Getty Images – Getty The pair in 2008, before Paul's death in 2016 died The magician Paul Daniels dies at the age of 77 years
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He listed it and wrote that it "adorned the head of one of the greatest sex symbols of all time".
The popular performer Paul was diagnosed with a brain tumor in February 2016 and died just 17 weeks later on March 17 at the age of 77.
The dazzling magician who calls his catchphrase "Well, that's magic!" Known to have died in the couple's £ 2.5million home in Wargrave, Berks.
Debbie has since revealed that Paul spent his last days eating magnum ice in the garden and seeing the ITV quiz The Chase.
McGee insists she lives from husband Paul Daniel's life throughout the year. E-mail or call us directly on 02077824220.
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