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Decathlon stands out from a 1985 jog, his website saturated

The vintage is definitely in fashion! A jog was released in 1985 and has been reissued by Decathlon and the enthusiasm it has generated is incredible.

Everything starts from a moment of nostalgia. While Decathlon had posted a tweet stating that he had found his 1985 catalog (with photos in support), a Twitter user asked the brand to bring out his collection. If it reaches 10,000 retweets, the brand promises to do so.

The tweet explodes (almost 30,000 retweets!) Decathlon and commitment, four hours later, to bring out the famous jog that had been in the eighties in the 80s.

The stock sold in seconds

On Wednesday, the brand is selling its product at 1 pm for 1,000 units at a price of 20.58 euros, the equivalent of the basic price (135 francs).

But the operation turns to virtual riot! In front of the influx of connections, the site of Decathlon plants. "Tens of thousands" of Internet users have tried to get jogging, "and a lot of the stock has been bought in seconds," says the brand on Twitter.

A historic peak on the site

Decathlon evokes a historic peak on the site and apologizes for the technical problem as well as for all those who could not have the product.

But given the success of the jog, the sports brand has left the door open and such an operation could quickly see the day again …


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