Decision in the Bundestag: “Upskirting” will in future be a crime

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The secret photography under the skirt will be a crime in the future. The new law provides for imprisonment of up to two years for upskirting. The same applies to photography or filming accidental deaths.

The Bundestag has passed a law that provides for a fine or imprisonment of up to two years for so-called upskirting. From autumn onwards, sneaking under the skirt or in the neckline is likely to be a crime.

Such border crossings are unacceptable, said Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht. The photos violate not only personal rights, but also sexual self-determination. “Photographing a woman under her skirt or in her neckline is a shameless violation of her privacy,” continued the SPD politician.

“Take decisive action”

Lambrecht announced a corresponding bill last September. Up to now, “upskirting” has mostly been punished as an administrative offense with few fines. That did not stop perpetrators, said the SPD’s legal policy spokesman in the Bundestag, Johannes Fechner. “That is why we are closing an important criminal liability gap and tightening up criminal law here.”

The coalition partner’s legal policy spokesman also welcomed the new law. Jan-Marco Luczak (CDU) said that the secret photography is unfortunately becoming more and more common. “As legislators, we are now resolutely taking action.”

Harder gait also against gawkers

The law on “Improving personal protection when taking pictures” also targets gaffer at accident sites. Photographing or filming accident victims was also declared a criminal offense. Anyone who photographs the very last or even dead out of “pure sensationalism” “violates all human decency,” says Lambrecht. So far, photography of the deceased has not been punishable. Criminal law only protects living accident victims. This gap will now also be closed.

In addition to the law on image recordings, the Bundestag passed a ban on tobacco advertising and a voucher regulation for package travelers. If such a trip cannot be carried out due to Corona, tour operators can also offer their customers vouchers in the future. Customers can opt for a refund of the money paid or for the voucher.

Previously, the Bundestag had cleared the way for the basic pension and decided the supplementary budget with a record level of debt due to the corona pandemic.



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