The tropical storm "Sergio" degraded to tropical depression when touching land for the second time and yesterday it did it in the State of Sonora, generating very strong to intense rains in several entities of the North.

In its latest report, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) reported that the phenomenon entered the Cajón del Diablo Special Biosphere Reserve, between Bahía Kino and Guaymas.

The Ministry of the Interior issued an emergency declaration for the municipalities of Comondú, Loreto and Mulegé, in Baja California Sur (BCS), action that activates the resources of the Emergency Response Fund, announced the federal agency through the National Coordination of Civil Protection.

With this declaration, requested by the State Government, the authorities will have resources to meet the food, shelter and health needs of the affected population.

The State Coordination of Civil Protection called on the government authorities to provide information, prevent incidents and provide timely attention to any emergency, due to the arrival of the tropical depression.

The center of "Sergio" made landfall in Baja California Sur, crossed the Entity and left through the Gulf of California. Then it recorded a second impact on the Sonora coasts.

Shelters in the South of the Peninsula

The Government of Baja California Sur suspended school activity yesterday and keeps 27 shelters in operation for the residents.

The Secretariat of Public Education and Culture of Sinaloa announced that classes were suspended in eight municipalities of that Entity.

He indicated that, on the recommendation of the State Institute of Civil Protection, it was decided that the schools in Ahome, Angostura, Choix, El Fuerte, Guasave, Mocorito, Salvador Alvarado and Sinaloa de Leyva should be closed.

Chihuahua is prevented with shelter

The State Coordination of Civil Protection called on the government authorities to provide information, prevent incidents and provide timely attention to any emergency for the tropical depression "Sergio".

The state government indicated that the emergency corps are on alert to meet the needs that arise from the Unified Command Table.

The Ministry of Social Development of the State reported that a shelter was installed in the Central Poniente Park, with a capacity for 100 people.

Further, Civil Protection of Ciudad Juarez enabled the El Barrial shelter or known as the "Monument", which has accommodation capacity for 120 people.

In Sonora they stay at home

School activities were suspended in all educational levels of public and private schools of the 72 municipalities of Sonora, before the effects caused by the phenomenon "Sergio".

The charge of office of the Secretary of Education and Culture (SEC), Victor Guerrero Gonzalez, stressed that to preserve the physical integrity of students, school activities from basic to higher level were suspended.

The official urged the school community to remain attentive to official information and mentioned that classes will resume normally on Monday.

Reach category 4

"Sergio" became a tropical storm on September 29 in the Mexican Central Pacific Ocean and on October 3 reached category 4 hurricane, to begin to lose strength as it headed to land.



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