Deconfinement. L’Ariel Art and essay room near Rouen reopens Tuesday, June 23, 2020

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The doors will be wide open at the Ariel, in Mont-Saint-Aignan, to welcome the public Tuesday, June 23, 2020 after more than three months of closure imposed because of Covid-19. « A whole series of measures has been put in place to avoid contact with surfaces such as doors and ramps », announcement Fabrice Ricque, responsible for the room classified Art and essay. The municipal cinema had to close its doors on Friday March 13, 2020. This cannot be invented.

Health Protocol

« Everything was idle for long weeks, and now everything suddenly accelerates. But during confinement, I returned to the movies regularly to keep the digital projector in good condition », says the director, delighted to find his entire team. With Sébastien Aubert and Benjamin Rouchaville (projectionists), Myriam Coulon (stage manager), Anne Lefèbvre and Rachel Leleu (cashiers), he did a repetition of the route and the direction of traffic that the spectators will take.

The sanitary protocol validated with the municipal services provides for a direction of circulation to avoid crossing, the occupation of one seat out of two, that is to say half of the capacity of the room which has 240 seats. « Making a full room would mean 120 spectators and it would be great for the reopening », imagine this enthusiast of the 7th art, who arrived at Ariel thirty years ago …

After each projection, make way for a cleaning session of the contact surfaces that could have been touched (ramps, latches). The staff will be masked and equipped with a visor, the box protected with plexiglass, gel will be available to the public invited to pay preferably by bank card …

Exceptional opening this summer

So much for the decor before diving into the dark, well wedged in the bottom of an armchair (no neighbor unless you are with your family …)

To try to make up for these fourteen weeks without going to the cinema, the Ariel will remain exceptionally open until Sunday August 2 (with sessions over five days, from Wednesday to Sunday). After three weeks off, it will reopen on Wednesday August 26.

The residents of the neighborhood are already scrutinizing the programming under the hall. It is not easy for a small theater to fare well in a highly impacted cinema economy.

« I’m going to try to reprogram films that were scheduled this summer Summer 85 by François Ozon. But everything is on the razor’s edge. We will have to fight with the distributors and make the public want to come back », points out Fabrice Ricque. « If containment has opened the floodgates for video-on-demand platforms, seeing a film on the big screen, it has failed, we are fed up with small formats. »

“Make the public want to come back”

To mark this long-awaited day of celebration, the Ariel won a preview: Dawson City, a black and white documentary by American filmmaker Bill Morrisson, a follower of the editing and collage of found films …

« It was during confinement that I discovered this fascinating story that goes back in time to the time of the gold rush in a small Canadian city. It talks about the importance of a movie theater, the shadow work, the survival of movies », comments the cinephile. A whole symbol.

Practical information

Tuesday June 23 at 7 h 30, « Dawson City : recovered time »

Full price : 6,40 ; reduced : 3,50 €.

Dawson city: the gold rush

It all started with the discovery, in 1978, of hundreds of reels of film during construction work on a recreation center in Dawson City. From this improbable treasure of rare silent films dating from 1910, the documentary tells the story of this fishing village that has become a city populated by 40,000 gold seekers in a remote part of Alaska.

« The city that had its cinema saw the passing of the young novelist Jack London and even an ancestor of Trump who created a brothel there », mischievously underlines Fabrice Ricque …

To stay in the same vein, The gold Rush de Chaplin will be playing for young audiences during this reopening week.



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